Sunday, June 29, 2008


The philosophy that when you die, your soul goes up on a roof and gets stuck. (George Carlin~UD)
You know how I always dream/dote upon going out into Space? I just realized, as someone inhabiting Earth, which is immersed in Space, I'm already there aren't I?!!

I'm just...too used to it, so I take it for granted. *sigh*

In that case, isn't Frisbeetarianism a valid belief? Is my soul really going to be stuck on the roof that is the Earth? Could I possibly imagine being limited forever to the specks of land that I've traveled for my entire life and possibly death/beyond? Damn, I should start a new religion:


What's yours? ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the stairway

I was at the park today, and I don't know why this image strikes me as "interesting" because both are technically a part of nature - one created by humans and the other by trees.
I also had an epiphany. In looking at the butterflies I wondered why I couldn't fly. I learned from Douglas Adams that flying was "learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss." Gravity sometimes makes that a bit difficult.

But if I am a part of everything, I am also the butterflies. I realized I COULD fly. Correction...I do fly! I do photosynthesize. I am those brilliant geniuses, the beggars on the street, the trashed bottle of juice in sunlit grass, those beautiful white butterflies, and stomata on the leaves. I am gravity, and the lack thereof. That is exactly what I am...anything, everything, every body, and no body.

Apparently, people are beginning to get married in space. One guy's reaction to this wonderful news:

"Okay, but do you have to go back up to get divorced?
Posted by: Hamy June 24, 2008 at 01:40 AM"
*haaha* :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

the 2pm's

I woke up at 2p.m. today!!!!!!! :O

Jeez. I just looked at the clock and woke up with shock! But I had one of my tornado dreams again! :(

I'm in some city that my mind wants me to believe is the Zoo, except, apart from my house, nothing else looks familiar. At first, I'm at home with mom and dad, and I remember looking out at some terrace-like venue at 20 or so tornado's (they're pretty thin but fast swirling). I don't remember much more from that scene, but my parents and I get separated somehow, and I end up in the downtown area of the city with a whole bunch of random people. And there's tornado's literally EVERYWHERE...if I took a 360 degree turn, there would be 50 in each direction. Worst of all, it seems like the direction of street we're walking/running on leads to a conglomerate of newly-formed tornado's that end up becoming one MASSIVE tornado! By massive I mean GINORMOUS! I can see people get rattled/sucked up by smaller tornado's ahead of the big one right in front of me, so I decide to turn back. I end up running into a restaurant/pub which has a cellar. There's a young girl my age on top of a bunk bed (or something like it) and I sit with her. Pretty soon there's other young people joining me and her, all squished onto that small platform, and we sit and decide to play a board game (that's right, in the middle of a tornado passing over us). I don't know anyone, nor does it seem like there's anyone older than 30, or even 25, there. I remember wondering if my parents had the foresight to run into a restaurant's cellar like I did, and also recalling how upon my survival my dad would exclaim "You're a pretty smart girl, huh?!" (he often does this when I ASTOUND him with something he thinks I can't astound him with). When we ride it out, the next day we walk down the street and every single tree is uprooted, it's all gone...and the strangest thing of all, I remember seeing this railroad track on a long bridge crossing this street on which there are houses that move on tracks! And I think to myself "Man! I bet those rail-houses were effed!"

This time, probably the most intense feelings I had about this dream can be attributed to the sounds I heard of the tornado's. I ACTUALLY heard them sound like trains! It was the freakiest thing of all!!! I could probably pull a hundred analogies about what it all means...but damn, I'm clueless.

*sigh* Anywho, I woke up at 2p.m. I think my body's tired of waiting to get to med school. I think my mind is tired. Maybe my soul is too.

Me: "There's a solar eclipse on August 1!"
John: "Wait, what happens during those?"
Me: "I think the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth."
John: "Nah, isn't that lunar eclipse? It could be Mars or something."
Me: "Mars is the 4th planet out John."
John: "No it isn't!"
John: "Oh WAIT!!!!!"


Saturday, June 21, 2008



Friday, June 20, 2008

on a post spree...

(Latest drawing - copyrighted!)

I saw the moon yesterday. It didn't look like a jewel, nor delicate. It looked real - a rock that's been hit and bears the scars, unhidden by the Sun's blinding light. It wasn't a smooth globe, but rather its edges suffered from shadows of vast craters and undulations of peaks. Even for me to imagine or compare its magnitude to where I stood was strangely intangible. But here's the irony - in all its cragged glory, I still admired it and watched blinded, in awe. It is the one object I could realistically see in such detail. I appreciated a true sense of perspective when looking at stars like Polaris, or other vague objects seemingly invisible to the naked eye in comparison to this bright mass hanging in a vacuum.

Why is it there? And why am I here?


Thursday, June 19, 2008


This post, is wholeheartedly dedicated to my friend Chris, who just got accepted into Albert Einstein's College of Medicine (Yeshiva University)!!!!!!

Like holy crap. For those of you who don't know how EFFIN' GORGEOUS that school is, let me tell you...IT'S AMAZING!!!!! There used to be a time in my life where I just dreamed night after night of getting accepted there, to be immersed in the culture and populace that is the Bronx, and everything that comes with the host of experiences at AECOM. For me to even know someone who is going to be one of the greatest physicians EVER, much more, for me to have studied with, spent a good few hours writing letters of intent (*flail*), discuss our passions for medicine, and other wondrous moments of nerdiness phenomenal!

He waited SOOOOO long for this moment! Congrats Chris! You waited SO patiently!

I AM SO PROUD! :D *beams*

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's really interesting how far the human mind has come in regards to our perception/definition/belief that belies the term "God." Sometimes it seems our minds are SO convoluted and limited even when considering the most expansive theories, simply because our use of language to concretly describe sentiments and beliefs sometimes eludes us from self-enlightenment? Some things just aren't meant to be defined, or tagged, bagged, and owned. Right? O.o

According to Persinger,

God (n.): "When the right hemisphere of the brain, the seat of emotion, is
stimulated in the cerebral region presumed to control notions of self, and then
the left hemisphere, the seat of language, is called upon to make sense of this
nonexistent entity, the mind generates a "sensed presence."

"'Seeing God' is really just a soothing euphemism for the fleeting awareness of ourselves alone in the universe: a look in that existential mirror. The "sensed presence" - now easily generated by a machine pumping our brains with electromagnetic spirituality - is nothing but our exquisite and singular self, at one with the true solitude of our condition, deeply anxious. We're itching to get out of here, to escape this tired old environment with its frayed carpets, blasted furniture, and shabby old God. Time to move on and discover true divinity all over again."
I get lost in such conundrums often. :P It's mind boggling! And then I read such wonderful quotes by philosophers such as Rumi:
"Why should I seek? I am the same as He. His essence speaks through me.
I have been looking for myself!" :)

(To clarify, I'm not attacking any beliefs/religions but rather presenting a different point of view)

Monday, June 16, 2008

sometimes, this happens to me...O.*

I like to call it Broken Neuron Syndrome.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

swimming in a green sea

I wrote this while sitting in my backyard today:
The moving blades of grass and undulating shadows of trees pushed by wind makes it look like an ocean - a sea of green over which I look, Godlike. This is how small I am. To think I reign this small sea that is my backyard shows me what truly is my immediate environment. I wonder why it's so difficult to imagine it - to grasp the completeness of the Universe. Then again, maybe this small green sea is quite magnificent. Maybe the part I reign contains just enough for my mind to completely know and pour my atoms into. The butterflies, insects, microbes, grains of soil and minerals, water, air, atoms and component quarks, everything my green sea contains - I AM. Every natural instinct of the squirrel treading the blades and shadows to get food or leave its mark, is my instinct. Ironic how once you begin to realize how "a part of everything" you are, it's impossible to break away.

Would I rather be separate, or would I prefer immersion?

Question: What would you prefer?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


IS THIS FOR REAL?! Apparently,

"Now an IAU committee, meeting in Oslo, has suggested that small, nearly
spherical objects orbiting beyond Neptune should carry the "plutoid" tag. The IAU's Committee on Small Body Nomenclature has now decided that dwarf planets that move beyond Neptune should be placed in a new sub-category, the plutoid. " ~BBC
Remember that time I requested squirmy old men locked in a room need to quit deciding the fate of the Universe? I guess they need hearing aids! I think I'm just furious still that Pluto was demoted, and thus any reference of it feels like stoking coals to the fire in my heart. As IF it wasn't bad enough that it's a dwarf planet (*cough* NOT *cough*) they now demoralize it further by categorizing it with other LESSER MORTALS...i mean...LESSER PLANETS! There..I said it! Whatchu gonna do old men? Huh? Huuhhh?! HUUUHH??!

*looks of dare*
*HAHA* OMG I just saw this about Pluto's Fury.

Friday, June 06, 2008

the thangs...

... images of space do for me: (note: Sagittarius arm! :) )New Coworker: "Why are you so happy all the time?"
Me: *speechless*

What I SHOULD HAVE said:

Cook 1: "How can you be so cheerful? We've been on duty for 12 hours."

Cook 2: "I have a weak wall in a blood vessel at the base of my brain. If I get too stressed out, it could explode and kill me."

Cook 1: "*"

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY EFFS! They were MADE for it!

I'd say all my of-late hyperness is definitely well spent egging on the defiance of the Red Wings against some great teams they've played. I'm not saying they flew through it like a breeze - anything but! There have been SO many close calls and it just brings to light how I can't ever imagine how much strength, perseverance, and bloody talent it takes to get to the Stanley Cup Finals, much less WIN IT! Last night was SUPERB!!!! I've watched some of my best friends maul and get mauled out there in the rink, and one of them doesn't even wear a helmet (he's a daredevil this one)! When players don't wear their helmet ...I sort of freak out! I mean, I'll lay it out there...all the good ones are GOOD LOOKING...QUIT MESSING WITH THAT!

Aaaanywho. *shifty eyes* Fantastic season!!!! :D (but it doesn't end here)

I for one, seem to have NO coordination as of late. Last Sunday, I went running and sprained the CRAP out of my left ankle. Then, yesterday, I decided to take my bike around the citae ...and uh, ended up falling off it(don't ask how *more frantic shifty eyes*), and now I have a gargantuan stab wound on my palm. It was definitely one of those, "Oh shit, wtf is happening? JUST PRETEND LIKE YOU WANTED TO FALL OFF AND IT DOESN'T HURT, THEN SPEED THE HELL AWAY FROM THE SCENE" (which is what I did). O.o I just hope nobody saw me, b/c I'm thinking of running that same route soon and I don't want any "witnesses" going "LOOK! It's that girl who FELL OFF HER BIKE! *huh huh*"

So yeah. JOY! :) Can't live without it.

John: "Sup, G?!"
Me: "G = Universal gravitational constant??"
John: "You dork"