Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Me: i like malase
Emil: i like molasses
wouldnt that be a sweet enzyme?
Me: molasses?
Em"a"il: the substrate goes to the molassesase


Email: im gonna go do trivia tonight
against a bunch of professors
im scared
Me: kick ass yo, why're you scared?
Email: cause theyre a bunch of professors
Me: and you're a student who can STEAL THEIR KNOWLEDGE
i love stealing knowledge
i'm a pro :)

Email: oh dear
Me: autofagy

*AHAHA* *on floor*

At work:

Me: *laughs happily* *skips around* (as usual)
Coworker "K" (IN GORGEOUS GERMAN ACCENT): "I takes SO little to make you happy! All it takes is a pellet and some ice!"
Me: :D



Me: i'd kick anyone in the gonads for you
amanda: haha, the gonads. That's such a great word
me: HAHA
nerdy ;)
amanda: lol
i make it all happen baby
my blog profile has been viewed 967 times! i'm sure not all of those are friends ;)
yeah, mine's like 700 something
amanda: 690 of those are me, stalking you

*whew* Boy o boy! Life's been good. I worked NONSTOP these past few weeks to get a certain restriction pattern for a plasmid, and today, i FINALLY GOT IT! *praise the lord*

And thanksgiving..could NOT have been better! I had TWO thanksgiving dinners! AND I bought myself a Tom Tom and Nikon!!!!! :D *EE* *squeals* After all that, I could NOT move an inch! But on the upside, I've been running like a hooligan again! :) I had forgotten how great it felt to get my lungs sucked out of me by the frigid air.

Now I remember. O_o

Sunday, November 18, 2007

music is my HOT HOT sex! :D

From all the drugs the one i like more is music
From all the junks the one i need more is music
From all the boys the one i take home is music
From all the ladies the one i kiss is music (muah!)

Music is my boyfriend
Music is my girlfriend
Music is my dead end
Music is my imaginary friend
Music is my brother
Music is my great-grand-daughter
Music is my sister
Music is my favorite mistress

From all the shit the one i gotta buy is music
From all the jobs the one i choose is music
From all the drinks the one i get drunk of music
From all the bitches the one i wannabe is music

Music is my beach house
Music is my hometown
Music is my kingsize bed
Music is where i meet my friends
Music is my hot hot bath
Music is my hot hot sex
Music is my back rub
My music is where i'd like you to touch

Fui escoteira-mirim
Direto da escola, não
Não ia cheirar cola
Nem basquete, pebolim
O que eu gosto não é de graça
O que gosto não é farsa
Tem guitarra, bateria, computador saindo som
Alguns dizem que mais alto que um furacão (rhéum)

Perto dele eu podia sentir
Saía de seu olho e chegava em mim
Sentada do seu lado
Eu queria encostar
Faria o tigela até o sol raiar
Debaixo do lençol
Ele gemia em ré bemol
Fiquei tensa
Mas tava tudo bem (tudo bem)

Ele é fodão, mas eu sei que eu sou também
Ele é fodão, mas eu sei que eu sou também
Ele é fodão, mas eu sei que eu sou também
Ele é fodão, mas eu sei que eu sou também
Ele é fodão, mas eu sei que eu sou também

Latest fav. music: Cansei de ser sexy ;) (translation: tired of being sexy)

: Dad: "Music is a pain in my ass"....*HAHA* OMG...If you've ever met my dad, you'd understand when I say he spent about an hour trying to "take back" the "ass" and convert it into some other word..such as "butt" and then DRASTICALLY failed! (esp. when I told him I'd blog it) *evil snigger*

Friday, November 16, 2007

plastic surgery :P


...i wonder if this ever happens? O_*

Thursday, November 15, 2007


:) I'm happy. I see white fluffs of magic landing on my tongue, on my jacket, in my eyes. If only I could stare at them forever! I know most people dread snow, because of having to drive in it. But to me, in the winter, I wake up wishing it were snowing outside. It brings a smile to my face. It makes me so happy inside, like the little kid in me jumps excitedly and claps her hands! :D *jumps excitedly* Maybe it's knowing that I'm in a snow globe..warm and comfortable, while the snow wisps past the pungent cold of symmetrical snowflakes on my face. I love that feeling. I've waited for these moments for a long time. I wonder if anybody else could understand my joy.

I'm SO happy. It's snowing. Which warrants my yearly dedication to snow by Robert Frost:

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

heylls beylls!

Ok, so it's November. NOVEMBER!!! Apparently last year we had quite the "buttload" of snow dumped on us. I know I'm not a BIG fan of the winter and all..but dang it..if it's going to be cold, it'd better snow with it! I need beauty to look at! And that involves white fluffy snips of magic falling from the sky instead of dark ominous looming clouds that hide the sunlight.

Umm. I take that back. We've seen quite a few days of sunlight too. :D Every day I see the sun rising on my way to work, and it looks BEAUTIFUL! SO I suppose the snow COULD stay away for a while. (it's 80 outside right now! :O )

Although this whole usurpation of the weather has got me a bit worried and irritated.


Friday, November 09, 2007

a case of the giggles..

I went to D&W today, just to buy some 2% lowfat milk. Skipped about like I always do to the cash register, and then, stopped, stared, and BURST OUT LAUGHING!

I'M A COMPLETE MORON! The dude at the cash register was SO attractive I could barely keep my face straight! *HAHAHAHHA* So when he asked how I was, I just laughed, and snorted out a "good" somewhere in the spit-infested conundrum. And then, I pretended to stare at the credit card machine the whole time...still giggling like an idiot. Even the zit on his cheek seemed to add "appeal." I guess I was taken aback...I haven't seen many "attractive" males lately, and dang it, it took me by surprise! I was so happy it was...it was...uncontainable!

*god* I'm hopeless...HOPELESS I TELL YE!!!!!!! :D *swoons* For those of you who really know me, I wear my emotions on my sleeve. If I hate you, I hate you...and I show it. If I love you...well, I drown you with presents, and with encouragement in the worst of times, and make fun of you like the foo' thatchu are. ;) If I'm tired, I get bothered and irritable, and when I'm bored...I fidget like a maniac. If I'm sleepy, I think of space. If I'm happy, I'm loud and boisterous, and I laugh like the loudest 5 foot 2 inch clown that you ever sawed! And if I'm sad, I sulk inside, and I drown myself in busy-ness to stop confronting my sorrow, and probably right before thinking of space before I get sleepy, I'll cry an ocean. If I'm busy, I'll be whistling and singing away listening to my iPod, and I'll have a "talk to the iPod" attitude. If I'm serious, I'm probably inspired by what's before me, so thereby I'm completely immersed in it. But if I am presented with an extremely attractive male of the opposite gender...I am, simply put, unpredictable.

Aanywho, apart from THAT craziness, awl is well. :) It's Diwali, and that officially means "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to Northern and Western Indians. *woot woot* My new years resolution: *uh* *GET TO MED SCHOOL* and...maybe stop swooning hopelessly. *heh..can't stop giggling* MAKE IT STOOOOPP!!!!

On a totally random note: My work, is SO AMAZING! I'm learning a lot, and although I'm challenged many times by the data that I end up with, putting it all together is priceless. I love my team. They're an inspirational, amazingly funny, and focused lot!