Thursday, December 30, 2010

"free your mind and your ass will follow..." ~funkadelic


"I have known love and love has won.
I burned my fingers on the sun.
I've been imprisoned on the moon.
I have learned what truth denies.
I drank the teardrops from her eyes.
I surrendered much too soon.
I never heard the warning voice.
I never knew I had a choice.
Though I never wanted to return.
But I have sailed upon the boat
That flew when there was room to float.
And I drank out of the magic urn.
And I have slept inside the shade
encircled by the love we made.
And I have kissed the face of dreams.
And I have ridden on the glow
that warms the sky with a rainbow.
And I have waded in its golden streams.
And I have danced between the stars
with music sung by sweet guitars.
I've done some things that can't be done.
And I have smiled inside the storm
reaching higher to keep warm.
I've known love and love has won.
I burned my fingers on the sun." ~Silver Apples

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

gems that are gemenids

Awesome day today:

1. Watched the gemenid meteor shower from my rooftop at 4am till 5:30am and had AMAZING CLEAR VIEW OF ALL OF IT!
2. In clinic all morning trying to convince 15 year olds not to remove their contraceptive devices because "It's my body and I want to get pregnant!" *sigh*
3. Stayed late to deliver a healthy 9 pound be-be boy who cried like a girl. :)
4. Broke blue board with #2 round kick.
5. Currently: studying for Shelf and Orals.

Awesome day tomorrow:

1. Will probably still look up to check out Jupiter beaming bright in the December sky. *.*
2. Day off to study!
3. TKD graduation testing & ceremony. *nervous*
4. Cont. study times infinity.