Monday, October 29, 2007

apples be good for 'da soul o'da mind

*while buying apples at Meijer's*

Dad: "Guess what? You won't BELIEVE what I did today!"
Me: "What did you do that was so UNBELIEVABLE?!" *gasps*
Dad: "I ate an apple!!!"
Me: *uh*
Dad: "And I thought. Like those thinkers. I ate an apple and I thought."
Me: *uhh*
Dad: "You know, that Isaac Newton fellow ate an apple and thought, and he discovered gravity!"
Me: "OH! WOW! Maybe you'll discover antigravity?! Just like matter has anti-matter! You could come up with anti-gravity!!!!!" *excited looks*

That's still on hold..meaning I'm still waiting for dad to prove anti-gravity. BTW..that's his patent. Don't any of youse evil readers steal our idea! It was HE who ate the apple after all! :D

But wouldn't it be cool if there was such a thing as anti-gravity? That'd be like...STUPENDOUS! ENRAPTURING! EXPANDIFEROUSLY MARVELOUS! And..kewl. :)


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


That's how long we tawked. :D

My battery died! *aaa* *haha*

But I still got to hear gorgeous words such as these:

"I'd rather get high than dirty." -Ananda *whispers* *future pharmacist* ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


*rawrrrr*'s the HPLC TUBE MONSTER!!! *AAA* *run!!!!*

*HAHAHA* I am SUCH a nerd! Good god. :D

Quote of um...quite some awesome time: "I, I, I, am, am, am, joy, joy, joy, and, and, and
I, I, I, am, am, am, joy, joy, joy " -Sufjan Stevens

Monday, October 22, 2007

:O *excited horrification*

ok, so I sent a bunch of you this message:


meaning..I want to build and launch my own sputnik! but the only thing i have is motivation, and maybe SOME knowledge (maaybe) you peeps know any friends of intellectual caliber and drive to help me build this thang?! like, i'm pretty serious about this! i love space, it's an insatiable passion! i'd definitely be willing to get down on this on weekends and after work! :)

also, any additional ideas would also help a ton. if any of you have materials that could help and know i'll see you soon, then please let me know!

*super excited*

*HAhA* I read Slashdot's comments on building your own Sputnik..and I realize it's harder than what BBC claims it to be! *DAMN IT ALL TO HELL* Maybe like GRAAADUALLY, over hundreds of years I can build this thing on my own, orrr..maybe I'd rather build MY OWN spacecraft to fly around in! That'd be worth more eh? And useful for ...spatial exploration!

ummm...AWLSO! I had SUCH a blast this past weekend! OH 'EM GEE!!!! Esp. last night, I went to this Haunted House (44 acre sort of 'haunted theme park') at *um* *struggles to remember location* NILES!!! Niles, MI! You peoples should DEFINITELY check it scared the BUH-JEEEZESUS out of me! I was screaming, falling over, and dying with laughter ALL AT THE SAME TIME! For me..that's QUITE the site to see! *haha* Ask Lin and Dustin..they had 'visual proof.' :D They had like a magic show, which was really sorta creepy b/c I was a participant. *shifty eyes* And a maze, in which we got lost for literally 45-50 minutes before Lin *genius* figured the way out (and it was like 2 inches away from the FIRST time we attempted that side of the maze). *so obvious* But after the maze was this claustrophobia house with pressurized balloons on both sides..i mean it was like SUFFOCATING..and you had to go through it to continue. We liked it so much we went back and forth a couple times..just to understand how the whole non-oxygen thing works. ;) *giggles*

And on the way there there were like 50 BAJILLION MONSTERS...and you know how they pick on the ones that are most scared? WELLLLL...that was ME! *woops* So I LITERALLY RAN THROUGH that whole section, I pushed Dustin and Lin aside all like "RUUUN!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! SAAAAVE YOSELFFF!!!!!!!!!"

*cough* I'm worth seeing scared poopless. :) And they won't even like STOP once they see how horrified you are..they'll STALK you! In the beginning, I got scared like 10 times by this guy dressed as a monster w/ an ax, and the 11th time I just turned around and was like, "You know what buddy? Could you mind your own biness or am I going to have to eat your brains? I'm trying to get scared here, and you're just ruining the mood!" *HAHAHA* I was proud of myself. I stood up against costume-induced fear! *woot* But I still mutilated both Dustin and Lin's hands to hell and beyond. *yikes*

OH MAN...THE GOOOOD TAIMES! :D So now, I'm going to have to try out the "scariest" place in michigan, just to see if I could survive it you know? I think I would..ummm..if Lin and Dustin were there..for sure! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

is nothing something?


Answer: ???

I was conversing with my friend Emil today, and just some thoughts overtook our tawks, and we ended up debating whether or not the little thing that is us, our body, or life, meant anything in the context of the Universe. It's really quite a debatable topic.

Imagine...the Universe would you? *imagines* *dies if in Hitchiker's Guide* ;) (for those of you who are clueless, in the HG, a human sees the Universe through this machine right before they die, and they die simply because they're astonished at its beauty and grandeur that it's too much to comprehend for the human mind, thus *kaput*)

Where was I? *revamps* Right...

Imagine the Universe. It's pretty huge eh? Maybe this aid will help you: think of you, right now, reading this. You're sitting in a comfortable or not so comfortable chair or sofa, or are plushed out on cushiony beds royally reading my words *giggles* (i wish)..You're under some form of shelter, underneath a roof. Zoom out. You see the roof, the trees and buildings surrounding yours. The little pie hole on earth that you occupy, imagine the beautiful blue and white marble that is the Earth. Keep going, just see black, and this blue dot. That's all there is now, and maybe a small white dit next to it looking slightly retarded and out of place. Next you see a few more dots, some bigger, some barely visible, but not far away is quite a huge monster of fire, our Sun. Keep going. Pretty soon you will begin to realize the irrelevancy of spatial orientation, because you begin to see other spiral disks, other brightly colored clouds, dots, sparkles, glittering in a veil of black reaching out like arms. Suddenly, you realize you were at the edge of the Milky Way, peering outward, you turn back, and see the center. It's veiled by an uncountable, unfathomable number of glitters. Far away you can see a bright spot, and as you zoom out more, it gets closer to the Milky Way. It is the Andromeda galaxy. Fast forward, there's too many disks to count. The Earth disappeared a long time ago. Dunno where it's not even a pixel of what you see now. You can take it as far as you want from there...I like to revel in my imagination of it on my own. ;)

Nevertheless, in some way, you begin to understand where you are in this massive conglomerate of seeming "randomness." That's really seems so random doesn't it? But from our human perspective, we can discern distinct shapes, colors, feels. And if we can see it carefully, there is order...beautiful random order! In ALL of it, in the midst of EVERYTHING THAT US! From this drawn out perspective, our existance matters little. Our lives, loves, hates, destruction of our planet, our self-conciousness as omnipotent thoughtful human beings falls apart. Nothing we can think of as "ours" matters anymore! It disintegrates. We become nothing. We matter nothing. We are just a part of this randomness. Somewhere in there, not mattering to the Universe, is you.

*aaha* Stop right there. Somewhere in there is YOU! You exist! OH MY GOSH! Look around you! All those glitters, all those darknesses...everything exists!!! Everything un-exists! EVERYTHING IS!!!! It just IS! It's too profound to put into words! Suddenly, you realize that what you are made of, is in so many ways connected to everything else that exists. That even our small solar system is composed of our Universe, that even our small hearts and minds are components of its energy! Some call it God, others just respect it as what holds everything together or makes everything fall apart.

But in the midst of it all, you realize that your nothing, is in so many ways, EVERYTHING. You may feel down occasionally, and doubt everything in your life. And it's only true, what we do matters little in the context of it ALL. But it's here, it exists, your actions, thoughts, your progress exists. So damn it! If you don't want to make the most of it, atleast marvel at the world around you! Marvel at the beauty that is you, that is your Universe.

So, are you nothing? or everything? I ask you. :)

oh..extra tidbit:

EDIT: ***RELATED LINK "Powers of 10"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dedication to Blog Action Day

This story is about a tree..a lone tree that has survived more than 200 years of bombardment by Lake Superior's furious storms and winters. And now, here it grows, alone, at the edge of a lush forest overlooking the vast expanse of water that threatens its very survival. A piece of rock supported its roots to the remainder of the land (the larger rock) but 50 years ago, the last remnants of the support were washed away by Lake Superior, and thus stands this lone tree..roots barren, holding on to the one source of soil it can reach to remain alive.

It's called survival of the fittest. As Steven King aptly put it in Jurassic Park "Life finds a way."

Sometimes, I wonder if I am that tree. Just barely hanging on, making my stand against all odds. But then I think of something greater..I think of our world. We are all just as this tree, threatened towards extinction possibly by our very actions to survive. What we had not realized, is in making our stand to survive, we purposefully washed away our support, and now we MUST build it back. We MUST survive what we have done to our planet, because if we do not, there will be no hope. We will drown...(pun intended). We are already drowning.

Please, do something good EACH DAY for your environment! Such matters should not require special days, special times, or special seconds of action..we are constantly deteriorating our world, so PLEASE, learn to constantly build a little of its beauty back! If not for anyone else, do it for YOU..for the survival of your own freakin' GENOME!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

our Universe is flippin' oot! :O

"Why our time dimension is about to become space-like
October 9th, 2007 | by KFC |

It don’t get much weirder than this. The universe is about to lose its dimension of time says a group of theoretical astrobods at the University of Salamanca in Spain. And they got the evidence to prove it.

The idea comes from the study of braneworlds: the thinking that the universe we see around us is a 4-dimensional cosmos called a braneworld embedded in a multidimensional universe. The “signature” of our universe is the number of space and time-like dimensions it has: in our case we got 3 space-like dimensions and one time-like dimension. It’s what astrobods call a Lorentzian universe. So far so good: lots of astronutters think the same thing.

But our universe may not always have been like this. Some theorists think it may once have had a Euclidean signature meaning that all the dimensions were space-like. Now Marc “Bars” Mars and a few pals in Spain say that the Universe’s signature might be about to flip from Lorentzian to Euclidean. In other words, our dimension of time is about turn space-like. Gulp!

This ain’t entirely bonkers and here’s why. Bars Mars has calculated what it’s like to be an observer in a universe that is about to flip and get this: it would look as if it were expanding and accelerating away from us. Sound familiar?

Yep, it’s exactly what astrobods have been observin over the last few years, a phenomenon they attribute to dark energy. If Bars Mars is right, dark energy ain’t got nothing to do with it and we’re all starin’ down the barrel of a cosmic catastrophe.

Still, maybe four space-like dimensions will be better than three. Who needs time anyway?

Ref: Is the Accelerated Expansion Evidence of a Forthcoming change of Signature?"


WOW! Is that not crazy..yet AMAZING?! It's exhilerating actually, and maybe a bit horrifying at the same time. I just wonder how long it will take to fully flip..dang it! I WANNA EXPERIENCE A TIMELESS UNIVERSE! NOW! *haha*

Also, my Universe did quite the 180 over the past 4 days...I shall save juicy details for later. :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

mud O_O

Yestuhday, while running, I found myself cold and shivery, and looking around I realized that I'd been running in a continuous veil of drizzle, and I didn't even know it! So since I was already drenched from the 50 trillion tiny seemingly invisible drops of water, I decided to go beserk in my backyard!

And OH MY GOSH! I danced in the grass like a HOOLIGAN for HOURS in POURING RAIN!!!! I just danced and danced! I probably sent my iPod to hell and beyond, but damn it..the music, the water, and the soft grass made it so PERFECT! My dad came out with some gorgeously hot indian delicacy, but upon watching me for a few minutes secretly (i hate it when people do that) started laughing his butt off! And it wasn't because I was dancing like crap..anything was because I was COVERED in mud, and grass!!!! I had it in my hair, all over my face, my shorts were RUINED! (they're orange, and you could only see the orange in like..some spots, everything else was green grass or black mud, thankfully i was barefooted in the grass or my sneakers would have committed suicide from mud-shame)

I could only have said, it was the MOST happy I have felt in a VERY long time. It was so perfect, nobody but me, a part of nature, dancing with nature. (until dad showed up *cough*)

I remember, in India during the monsoon season, my best friend on THAT subcontinent (Gudia), and I used to dance and run amok on our terrace until there was literally 2 feet of water at our feet...and then it was just fun splashing around like crazy foo's. And there..the rain isn't even's like HOT compared to here. *haha*

Anywho, I'm in the real world now. I never thought this little girl would get to the "BIG BAD WORLD," but BOY, I'm 'der. And it's not AS big, or AS bad as I expected..(it's probably more so and I just don't know it yet..but save the juicy details for later peeps!) But this wonderful moment sponsored by rainy downpours, was enlightening in that the "big bad world" is JUST as BIG and BAD as I want it to be. Because it's me looking out through these eyes, it's me feeling, and typing, and hearing, and speaking (uncontrollably), and singing, and dancing, and loving, and hating, and believing! And that's my world!!!

It's BEAUTIFUL! All the mud is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :D