Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Little Women

*NOTE* The following really really MAY NOT be true and most definitely CONTAINS 'CONTENT', but nevertheless please enjoy what Juan Ruiz has to say about Little Women. (vs. 1606-1617 The Book of Good Love; Kane translation)

"Concerning the Qualities which little women have

But now I want to put an end to all this windy preaching
Because I like a sermon brief with even terser teaching,
I also relish women short as much as pithy speeching
Since little maids like little words are handier for reaching.

Men laugh at those whose speech is long (though only fools will giggle)
But little girls are great in love and muckle love to wiggle;
All loutish sluts I'd gladly trade for wenches chic who wriggle
Though as for trading short for long-'gainst that I long would higgle.

The good about these little maids Love makes me here proclaim,
And hence I want to spread abroad their talents and their fame,
Wherefore I'll have you understand, if you would know the game,
That women short seem cold as snow but burn you like a flame.

That is to say, they're cold outside though raging hot with passion-
In bed they slosh and wallow it in wild hilarious fashion-
But dressed, you'd think their lives were just a bread and water ration;
Indeed, you'll find out other things if you are keen to dash in.

Within a little jewel lies a rare effulgent splendor,
Within a little sugar lies a sweet naught else can render,
Within a little woman lies great love surpassing tender,
And here's a case where little words suffice to recommend her.

A pepper grain is wondrous small, but how it burns the snout,
And dries hte body's humors up like sun in summer's drought;
'Tis that way with a little wench, if only she puts out;
You'll find no pleasure in the world she doesn't know about.

Just as the smallest bud will have the full blown rose's hue,
Just as from tiny coins of gold much value will accrue,
And from a bit of fragrant balm exotic scents ensue
So you will find a little maid is unsurpassed to woo.

A little ruby can possess a worth within which shine
Its color and nobility, its price and virtue fine,
Thus likewise little women have a beauty so divine
that grace and charm and loyalty within them all combine.

The skylark is a little bird, the nightingale is small,
But more than larger birds their songs and carolings enthrall;
Think not because a maid is short she has no worth at all,
For when it ocmes to loving she is like a honey ball.

The oriole and popinjay are both of them petite,
But more than any other bird their jargoning is sweet
With Latin so melodious expressed in rich conceit;
So little girls bring ecstasy to love's enchanting feat.

Short women have no peers aamong the female congregation;
They make an earthly paradise wehre men attain salvation
With pleasures, bliss incontinent, and every consolation-
You'll find her pudding is the proof, not just their salutation.

I never saw a chit but what I hakered to possess her,
But as for big-'tis no disgrace to flee a large aggressor-
"Between two evils choose the least," proclaimed a wise professor,
So when it comes to sinful girls, the little one's the lesser.

...Short and sweetly put eh? :)

Friday, May 26, 2006

falls..no, not the water kind

Woa..i majorly suck at anything involving me and movement! We cleaned out part of the garage today..and I happened to find my o so gorgeous skates that my mom got me from Germany when i was like 10...they were HUGE for me then so i never ever used them. I finally found them, and put them on, (i have tried them on before) only this time i fell drastically at each and every pothole on our street. I do mean Each, and Every. It was definitely worse to look at than me falling when I run. And WHY O WHY on earth do absolutely gorgeous, frikkin' smokin' hot guys have to be riding their bikes around me when i'm doing what i do best?!!! Seriously, I think I fell once just looking at him! *grimace*

I can't believe how much I've slacked off though. I thought as soon as the semester would end I'd take o about a week off..unfortunately I probably meant '4' weeks off! I waited for AGES for all my mahvelous and magnificent inhibitors and p38 antibody to get here!!! Seriously, for the past 4 weeks it seemed like the only reason I ever went to lab was to check if my order had been placed or if my packages arrived..other than that I'd just mope and lurk around trying to look busy by splitting my cells or changing media (a trifle)..and now THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!! OMG!! I am going to go on a Western and Transfection SPREE!!!!!

Wish me luck!..hope I don't fall while dancing by the scintillation counter! (I do that whenever i get good results) *crosses fingers*

Thursday, May 25, 2006

star night, star bright ***

..The first star i see tonight..I wish I may I wish I might, I wish my wish comes true tonight *closes eyes & wishes*

Sunday, May 21, 2006


So, I think I have this really really wierd relationship with soft drinks. The dealio...

I used to be like OBSESSED with Mountain Dew (by the way..*do the Dew*) And then I decided to quit, and was totally on that like for two years straight. And then I fell in love with this gorgeous boy...and then I started drinking pop again. (and YES, its POP, NOT SODA!!) Thus far I've reached some seriously critical positions in my life regarding pop. At one all ending low I stooped so low as to SERIOUSLY injure a vending machine by my lab..and I DO mean serious..if it were a human being, it would be alive only if it had a mechanized heartbeat, and half its body would be made of steel. I only kicked it around a few times, o, and thats AFTER I shook it a million times to see if i could get an extra Mello Yellow. *oops* And THEN came the stealing...ah! My heart woes in pains, the wraths I now suffer from having attempted such horrific feats.

Pop, how shall I live without thee?! Save me from such disgraces.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

the all-seeing eye

I've been thinking much lately. I've been thinking. Of what you may ask?

Well, I've been wondering. Thus far, I had always deeply thought about the role a human being plays in this world, in this universe. I have often found myself zoom out of a certain location..from my eyes, to my surroundings, to the earth, to the solar system, to the Milky Way, to the Universe. And I often end up concluding and recognizing one more time as to how truly unimportant and small I am. It amazes me each time, like a slap across the face that tells you to wake up and suddenly become aware of the truth.

We as humans have created something wonderful and powerful here, and I have ALWAYS thus far thought of Nature empowering us with our vast abilities and curiosities. Yet I would always also think of how foolishly and how arrogantly we have betrayed Nature through our actions towards Her. I always believed in a good and bad, a white vs black, a good versus evil. *huh* I have had the great honor of being empowered with an epiphany...Are we not a part of Nature? Thus, are not our actions those of Nature's? Hence, how can there be an evil? How can such a concept exist, when in the whole context of the universe this concept fails to matter?! (thanks Solet)

My family and I went on a far and long drive today. It was amazing...hence such thoughts. I like to look at clouds a lot..and I absolutely could NOT resist seeing something I LOVE..eyes..a pair of gorgeous eyes that seemed to follow every turn our car made today..watching me from heaven as if.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

capital punishment

Ya..so lately I've been on 'quite' the crime spree. Lets consider the evidence..ahem.

Yesterday was the worst of all. I met Ananda at LHC, nobody there, for lunch, and we just HAPPEN to enounter the refrigerator with the Large DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING IN THIS FRIDGE UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU HAVE KEPT SOMETHING IN IT sign on it. So OBVIOUSLY, being the criminals that we are, we open the refrigerator and STEAL an ENTIRE can of Diet Coke. I was obviously freaking out..but then was comforted by the fact that we could pour it into a cup and it would look just like coffee. *happy feelings* So we innocently walk back to have lunch only to find out that the amount needed to quench our thirst was MUCH greater than that which could be satisfied by just one Diet Coke. SO...*happy feelings gone* We walk back towards the kitchen, and lurk around the fridge..JUST when we're about to get another, the Associate Dean walks past us and I feel my heart leave my chest..we pretend to be simply checking out what marvelous types of purple containers are in there, then close it and I pretend to open the microwave and press some buttons to make some sound, and then pretend to wash my hands..I was definitely freaking out! Not to mention, after stealing the second one we realized there would be only one more left for the true owner of the package. *looks guilty* But no, my crime spree didn't stop there..so my Spanish class is really difficult and Libro de Buen Amor was written in 1300..just to prove its really really difficult, so I MAJORLY cheated..have NEVER done so before in my life (honestly, truly never), but I borrowed a translation from the library. *shameful pause* And every time anyone at the lab saw me with the translated book..they'd say 'cheater.' I suppose it serves me right. Not to mention, I think I got really really punished by whatever heavenly entity resides in the universe..I was 30 minutes late to my spanish class because the printer I was using to print my essay for that class absolutely magically shut down (has NEVER done this before) just when I want to print the essay out. MOREOVER the frikkin' construction workers blocked the nearest path to Dunbar..so I had to walk all the way back to Haenicke, then past the Library!!!!! So I suffer guilt and think it will all be ok. Hmm.

I got up this morning horrified of my dream..in it my leg was being mutilated by a great white shark. *shrieks* I SHALL NEVER STEAL OR CHEAT AGAIN.

Then again, I DID once say the same phrase before..Never say never.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

vulgar toodles

I said ass. *blank stare*

Don't worry..it was JUST an accident. :)

No kidding..I absolutely LOVE my spanish class..the title? "Sex, Lies, and Manuscripts" ...speaking of vulgar..Interesante eh? No kidding, I got to read Don Quixote last year (THE best book of ALL TIME), and now get to read the next two greatest books of Spain..IN SPANISH..mind you, I've been learning spanish since the moment I stepped onto US soil, which is about 7 years now, and even I can't recognize some of those words!!! But thats what makes it so much better! So this summer is going to be sooo awesome, and just what I hoped for..lots of novel reading..all the Harry Potters, La Celestina, and Libro de Buen Amor. *excitement eeks*



Its been an interesting week off. As soon as finals were over dad left for New York City with his students for thier annual professional studio trip..personally, i hate it, not because i'm super-jealous that all these people get to hang wid my homie all over the coolest city on planet earth, but just because i frikkin' miss my dad soo much! I called him so many times! :) So my mom and I slugged away on monday, and i thought i'd take a 'short' break, after which i had decided i would get a head start on studying for MCATS like what i imagine how students at Harvard must study during finals week. But..that didn't happen.

Instead, I looked up my grade online on tuesday, only to find out that i got a frikkin BA in BOTH quant lab and lecture (most unexpected), a gosh-darn "B!!!!!" in physics, and a BA in physics lab. I was shocked. You know how you ask teachers a week before as to what your grade status might be? Well, my phisics profs both said I had an A in lab and BA in lecture..yet THIS?!!!! So I seriously looked in every nook and cranny in Everett Tower to find Dr. Kaldon...please visualize..he's 450+ pounds!...and NOT easy to spot ANYWHERE!!!! I found him...eventually, after leaving like ten million frantic voice messages on his home phone. He and my lab TA looked at my grade, chuckled, chortled, and made fun of how they had made a mistake in entering my grade...SERIOUSLY!!! About quant..honestly, I am only 6 points away from an A in quant lecture..90.4%, 91% being an A. *shrieks* O and what about my GPA?...It has suffered a MAJOR AIRCRASH! I think it landed at the bottom of the sea. *visualizes pacific ocean hydrothermal vent*

Anywho, before all this crap happened I got to see the Phantom of the Opera with my lab mates!!!!!! *aaaa* It was AWESOME! You see, I'm one of those science nerds, but I think there's a deep part of me that trembles in the presence of The Literature Nerd. I absolutely love plays, poems, novels..I cannot survive without entrancing myself within the pages of a good novel. I stay up nights and days reading them..somehow I MAKE time to read them! Its strange, even during finals week I cram a few chapters in there..my excuse, its an absolutely marvelous break! I get to use my imagination for a change instead of cramming facts and figures. I absolutely LOVED every second of the Phantom..MAN, I think I was singing along during Music of the Night. Yep, I'm one of those.*looks guilty*

Dad got back yesterday, really really early in the morning..funny thing, I didn't realize until then that I had an 8am summer class the next day!!!!! Oye. And he got me this mahvelous set of speakers for my iPod!!! Its gorgeous. I swoon every time I look at it! :) Speaking of swooning..I think I might have scared a couple of thee into thinking that I might have fallen off the face of planet earth. Sorry. I slept all day yesterday..and suddenly my dad comes running into my room "there's a GIRL outside!!!" I'm like..*massive pause* *a GIRL?!* HAHA..It was Ananda..haha..she was just standing there with this MASSIVE box of Harry Potter books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In return for my physiology book, and two gruesome voice messages about how she thought I had died, and a frantic email claiming that I now officially had a stalker, I got to spend a couple of hours pampering her and the Cyborg with indian food, with my eyes GLUED onto those brightly colored covers of the Harry Potter books the entire time! I am proud to thereby declare that I'm on page 113!!!! :)

So it has been a week of phantoms, ghosts of grades, of physiology textbooks, and of this WICKED noise I've been hearing in the porch over the past couple of days! *shivers*