Sunday, May 27, 2007

i *heart* okra!

Mom made the most AWESOMEST okra ever! *mmm*

Somewhere in our conversation:
Me: "Mom, I'm not THAT evil."
Mom: "Evil?! Honey, you're the product of two evils!"
Me: *stares*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


O holy crayola! Yesterday, I parked my car in front of Kanley Chapel, grabbed my checks, and started towards National City Bank at the Bernhard Center. In front of me walked two dudes in suits, shirt, pants, tie, and allll that jazz. And they turned around and asked me if they could speak with me about religion. At first I was flattered, and I started ranting about how I was raised a Hindu, but went to Catholic school, and am currently a scientist (at heart)...and they were from the Church of Latter Day Saints, Mormons I think they said.

So, they asked me a bunch of questions, one of which was would you like to "pray and meet with us and hear the voice of God?"..aka.."wanna join our club?"

Me: *stares cheekily* So, what do you think God looks like? Is he a human, and an old one with a big hairy white beard that's 40 bajillion miles long? (I didn't say 40 bajillion, sorry)
Them: *huh* That's a good question. But we think that it is something spiritual manifested as a human.
Me: So what about bacteria, and they have a God? And if an elephant saw God, would it be human?
Them: Do you think animals have the capacity to think of God?
Me: Do we know? WE DON'T KNOW DO WE?! How can you say you're right by discounting about 90% of life on earth?! I am a scientist and even I can't discount that we even remotely understand other species on earth and their cognitive abilities! If an elephant did believe in God, do you think it'd be like 'O Human God, I boww dooownn before thee!' HOW DO YOU KNOW?!
Them: *silence*
Me: I believe anything and everything is God, including myself. I believe in cosmic energy.
Them: *wow* *gasps* That's a great way to put it!
Me: *FOR SERIOUSLY?!* Where do you think God is?
Them: He's all around, but there's parts that are (i think they meant) "concentrated"
Me: Then how can he be all around?
Them: But if you pray with us God will show you the truth from what is wrong.
Me: Isn't what's wrong also wrongfully true? Meaning, isn't "wrong" also true that it's essentially, there is no "right" or "wrong" or "good" and "evil"..just choice of which truth is followed?
Them: *confused looks*
Me: And what about evolution and creation?
Them: We believe that they're both possible..that God gave humans the option of selecting either. So Adam and Eve were made in God's image, and that's what we believe.
Me: *what the frick?!* How can TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS happen at the SAME TIME?!!!
Them: *chuckle & stare @ themselves*

Me: *Yea, you need to think about your shit before you try to convince someone else*

For you: I deeply respect all religions and faiths, and I respect what these two young men had to say to me. It was a great debate! But one should have complete understanding about all the faiths of this world to preach should respect freedom of choice, and respect other cultures and beliefs. I'm not saying I know everything...I KNOW NOTHING. But I know that nobody will ever fully understand how our world functions, how humans function, without seeking to understand other beliefs. It solidifies certain common grounds within ALL of which is essentially Morality, wherein lie concepts of do unto others as you would to yourself, etc. Without true understanding and respect for different beliefs, one can never TRULY believe in God.

Saturday, May 19, 2007 takes a while for Pluto's reply to reach us...

But here tis!

Me: *agrees*


Wednesday, May 02, 2007


So! My GPA dropped bunches this semester! *WOOOPS* *watches it in never-ending pit of GPA hell*

BUT..I'm going to be volunteering in the ER at Bronson!!!!!! *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* *fuh-reaks OUT*

AND...I graduated..with three 4 years. *shifty nerdy eyes*

*loving abrupt end*