Thursday, June 29, 2006

peeing my pants!

Ok really, I didn't ACTUALLY pee my pants..but I was CLOSE. Seriously, the new Spiderman 3 trailer is out!!! *EEE* I couldn't stop flailing everytime I saw Toby McGuire. I have a MAJOR crush! :) (you can click on the title of this post to get to the trailer)

I'm really happy today. I finally have my movitation-meter up..which means I'm FINALLY going to sit down, this ENTIRE weekend, and spend my time selecting schools to apply to. Its going to be tough, but I have finally decided that being lazy isn't going to get me anywhere. Its the truth. If I can't survive this, I can't survive med. school...which is going to be a LOT more challenging. I can't wait to get there! But I have to start first.

Seriously, today has thus far been awesome. I had lunch with was QUITE cool..and then the Cyborg showed up. I was deeply honored. *bows* Ofcourse, I spilt Pepsi all over myself but thats just me. :) And then ofcourse I attended my first ever TA session, and when Norton called my name (which he GRAVELY mispronounced), I stood up and looked at the class..and thats when it hit me. And I kind of trembled. I am responsible for them. I am their provider of gen. chem. knowledge, and I'm going to make it an experience they will cherish. Not one where they just monotonously do lab work and still get F's on their lab reports, which is kinda what happened to me. *ech*

Norton to class: "So whats a micro?"
Students: "mumbles...10 to the -6?"
Norton: "SMALL, Macro means BIG!!!"
Me: " EVIL can one get?"

Norton to class: "I would prefer you not to bring alcoholic beverages in your drink containers next time. You can bring Vodka, I mean ORANGE JUICE"
Students: *stare blankly*
Me: *OMG*

Well, after that I had a BLAST with my labmates. We were all huddled up in the corner in which I work, and according to Pramod, it seemed like we were all at a marketplace. *haha* Good times.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006


...Thats my new nickname! :)

I cannot imagine everything thats been going on lately...there's SO much to do between here and the end of August. My MCAT teacher says I should submit my primary application to med. schools sometime mid-july. That would mean me getting my personal statement, other essays, resume, and letters of recommendation all ready in about two weeks! *AAA* Oh, ofcourse, thats AFTER I decide which schools I have to apply to! yay. Moreover, I'm going to be TA'ing, which means grading papers, TA meetings, and setting up experiments, plus my physics 2 class+lab, and ofcourse my second shot at the MCATs!!!! This is it you know. This is my time to carpe diem. Nobody else is going to do all this for me eh? So why not do my best? Its time I stopped slacking off. Its time I lifted my butt off my 'i'm so busy so i'm sad' attitude and get things done. Its time I prove myself to the world. Its time I prove myself to myself. I need to survive this. I will.

And then I think of that day. The end of August 19, perhaps more so the end of August when I'll atleast have my whole med. school application process wrapped up. I can only imagine how exhilerated Amanda feels...I'm so excited to get there myself...I'm ready to prove myself.

So peoples, better watch out for this Punkette!!!! :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006


My life thus far has witnessed some serious cinnamonography lately. Whats that you ask? Well, its kind of like an experience where you taste the sweetness and spicyness of life both at the same time..kind of like cinnamon itself. Hence, the word cinnamonography. :) Sweetness? I have been given the opportunity to an actual job, namely TA'ing!!! *eek* Isn't that AWESOME! I seriously hope my students don't emblazon me with chemicals and turn me to pulp. Just imagine..Shruts..a green blob on the dirty McCracken floor. I know you might be tempted, but PLEASE don't step on me! :o (I know I have been close, just take a look at my wonderful torn and tattered jeans from my buddies HCl and HNO3) a bad way, I did really horrid on my MCATs. So I have to kick ass on the one in August. Peoples..PRAY for me! Its ok though, I kind of always knew I was not as prepared as I normally am for big tests. I know I can do better. And I shall. But I cried when I found out my score. And it was really funny, because it seemed that those few minutes were the bane of my existance, but the crickets still chirped annoyingly, I could still hear the 1:00am train, the breeze still rustled through the trees. Namely, the few minutes when my life seemed to stop, everything else just kept moving. Thats what amazes me about life, is that we as humans think of every little detail to affect us to such a huge extent, whereas at the same time gazillions of atoms are 'doing the atomic dance' and billions of galaxies are shining brightly in the universe, and cells are happily strolling along the path to survival, and everything else just continues as it is. At such moments, it seems the human definition of time and space doesn't exist anymore. And it amazes me. How unimportant we truly are. How unimportant it really is what my MCAT score is.

Monday, June 12, 2006

a tribute to Dumbledore

*bows before white tomb*

So I finally finished reading all Harry Potter books on Saturday...and I absolutely am amazed! *looks dazed* I cried. I cannot believe, and I hate to spoil it for you who have not yet enjoyed the books, that Dumbledore is gone. Just when it had been established that both Harry and Dumbledore would pursue their quest together...avada kedavra. *poof* And I cannot WAIT to find out what Harry will do next?!!! I mean, will he really leave Hogwarts? If so, how CAN there be a 'seventh year?'

I cannot imagine how much INCREDIBLE imagination JK Rowlings has in order to create such a magnificient world of magic! Every single detail matters, something that I really didn't expect. But it makes me wonder though, and I begin to question that wouldn't it be SO COOL for such a world to actually exist? I mean wouldn't it? And what IF it really does?..and we were just Muggles completely oblivious to that world? *pause* But then again, I slap myself across the face to realize that I need to wake up, and take a good look at the real world, where we transport ourselves on solid ground in boring little things called cars for which we barely have any fuel left on earth, where the closest thing to magic seems to be David Blane who spends 6 minutes underwater (whereas with gillyweed you could do so for an entire hour, and wouldn't THAT be a world record?!), and the closest representation of Voldemort would be scheming politicians. *squirms*

Lately, I SERIOUSLY ride my bike only to get the chance to feel like I'm on a broomstick! *wee* AMAZING! I seriously wish I were a witch, and thinking about that, I think I'd be a lot like Hermione, you know, all studious, but very helpful in times of need. :) (Actually, I don't really KNOW how 'helpful' I am in times of need.)

Anywho, life has thus far become a lot more complex than Harry Potter and Voldemort. I really need help deciding what to do. I cannot seem to make up my mind! I mean, shouldn't I KNOW? Shouldn't I KNOW if I want to pursue only an MD or an MD/PhD?!!! Why is it not an intrinsic part of my identity by now? By now meaning, TWO MONTHS away from filling out applications!!!!!!! On the one hand, my ENTIRE family in India cannot wait for me to become a surgeon, thats it, a surgeon. I mean its a HUGE pride to behold in my family! And I've come to LOVE that I love surgery, and I've come to LOVE that my family WANTS that for me! And now, there's THIS OTHER option...MD/PhD...where I spend a good 6-7 years getting that degree, but the PhD apprenticeship will help me pay for my MD, and after getting the degree I'd have to complete my residency and postdoc, and THEN WHAT? Most of them end up teaching, or becoming administrative people...I mean DO I WANT THAT? It's considered more prestigious and more challenging than just MD...but I absolutely can see myself doing both!!!! I mean... WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?!!!!!

O my gosh. I need some Felix Felices.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Monday, June 05, 2006