Sunday, August 20, 2006


I've been seeing a TON of that color lately! Boy...where do I begin?!

Red #1: So August 19th has come and passed. And although it was perhaps one of the reddest days in Shruti history, I survived. I studied my butt off. Although I should have studied physics a little was difficult nevertheless. I am proud of myself though, that I am atleast capable and driven enough to commit myself to something so much. I seriously forgot everyone in my life (esp. the last week). It was like I fell off planet earth! ..its a good feeling, only in the beginning though. Because I soon came to realize how much I missed my friends, and how much I missed doing other things, like I think I wore the same pair of jeans every single day that last no, that DOESN'T mean i didn't shower! *ew* it just means I didn't do laundry as much as usual. :)

Red #2: O man, and I probably should mention this...I fainted on Monday. heard right..FAINTED! I mean WHO faints?! ..I do. I had a physics test on monday, and then a physics final on Thursday, and then my MCAT on saturday right? Well, I thought I'd get up early like at 5 and start studying for my physics test. But Man! I had trouble standing on my feet, and by time I got to the bathroom, which is like two seconds away from my room, I could barely even breathe! And so I kind of sat down on the floor, and was really nauseous, and I was sweating BUCKETS! I mean...BUCKETS! I couldn't say a word, so I couldn't even yell out for mom because she was sleeping, and dad was in India! So I think I passed out for a couple of seconds..and then crawled back to bed somehow thinking that I'd feel better soon. Well, that didn't happen, because I passed out the second attempt at getting up too. That's when I decided..screw pain! And yelled out for mom. I had 102 fever, had a killer headache and bodyache (like the kind where you can't even stay still and sleep) all day. It was so bad that I could barely get up to go see the doctor like at 11:00 am. And OMG...Sindecuse SUCKS! (no offense amanda) But seriously! I was DYING! D Y I N G! And mom set up an appointment for me and everything and they said I wouldn't have to wait at all. They lied. I swear..I waited 4 flippin' hours in a small enclosed room with no windows! Ok, let me make this clear..I was dying, and there was NO ONE to help! And when the doctor came in, she saw me for about 20 minutes, said I needed a blood and urine test because she thought it was viral. So I did that..but what after that? She came back and said it wasn't viral, and that it was just stress. And she left. And I left Sindecuse at 4. At 4 PM! Holy crap..i was SO mad! What if someone REALLY WAS DYING! You'd just LEAVE them all alone in an enclosed room!!!! What kind of care is that?! *grrrr*

Red #3: (and my favorite kind) Redheads! OMG! I LOVE REDHEADS! *swoons* My buddy Nicholas lives across the street from me, and a couple of days ago he came by..wait, let me clarify. He's 5. And he has this GORGEOUS BLAZING red hair! But he's the kind that even though he knows you, he won't talk to you until after some time. At first he just played around with the magnets on the refrigerator and tried desperately to spell his name right, which didn't happen. So then we went over some astronomical facts...and I showed him Buzz Aldrin's picture. He was amazed!

Me: So how long do you think it takes to get to the moon?
Nick: O that's easy. *pause* It just takes *pause* like *pause* an hour.
Me: An hour.
Nick: *smiles*
Me: So how many hours are there in a day buddy?
Nick: O that's easy. Its 40 hours.
Me: 40 hours!
Nick: yea.
Me: Are you sure?
Nick: Yea, my dad works 40 hours every day!
Me: That's probably 40 hours per week.
Nick: Nope.
Me: Ok ok...(and I explain to him how the clock goes around 12 there's ACTUALLY 24 hours in one day) So what's your favorite planet?
Nick: O that's easy. Mars!
Me: Really! Why?
Nick: O that's easy. I would blend right in!
Me: AHAHAHAHA You're a genious Nick!
Nick: O that's easy. I know.
Me: *enraptured*

Red #4: I haven't drawn in AGES! I haven't shopped in AGES either! O man! I went shopping with Amanda today and it was THE BEST experience EVER! I had forgotten how much fun it can be to try on clothes..I was surprised at how embarassed I was for wearing attire that showed about 25% of my boobies. *haha* Amanda made me feel all cozy by her laughter it wasn't AS bad! :) Good times! O man, and there were these two girls that got ARRESTED for shoplifting! much craziness in our world. What was really interesting about it is that Amanda and I could instantly tell that they were the 'type.' And they were only 17!!! I mean, why ruin your life with somthing stupid like that on your record?!

Red #5: Amanda's leaving. :( but I'm REALLY proud of how far she's come! Its been an amazing journey. And even though I don't want her to leave, I know she has to go, and that if I didn't let her, i'd be breaking a trust with everything she holds dear.

This last thing has nothing to do with red:
A proton and a neutron walk into a bar.
Proton to bartender: Yo, hook me and my buddy up with some drinks here eh?
Bartender: Yea, that'll be three bucks for you. For him, *points to neutron* no charge.


Friday, August 11, 2006


Alex: Yea, I had a 15 minute power nap before I came.
Mike: Did you know that sleeping with your legs elevated for 15 minutes is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep?
Alex and myself: Cool.
Alex: I'll have to try that. I wonder what would happen if you slept like that for 8 hours!
Mike: you'd go into a coma

Alex raises his palm towards me
Alex: its a high-five.
Me: O, i thought you were saying Om.


Anywho, life has been busy, but surprisingly fun. I love it!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006



It's barely a week away...and I've JUST started CRAMMING like nothing on earth! I feel like a large packet of marshmallow's stuffed into a 1cm^3 air, no space, no LIFE!

Seriously, my plan:
by tomorrow: FINISH, I mean FINISH, reading almost the entire Physiology textbook
by Friday: go over old notes from Quant, physics, orgo, gen. chem, genetics, biochem

O yea, did I mention I have a test on monday, and a physics final on thursday?! HOLY CRAP.

WHERE'S MY AIR?!!!!!!!!

I put it off way too long. I suddenly realize I shouldn't have. But I can't do anything about it now eh? Seriously, I'm glad that atleast its finally HIT ME in the face! *whew*