Sunday, August 26, 2007

*chuckles* ..nerdiness O.o


These are such a welcome break from cramming! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

*bzzzzz* *SPLOTCH!!!*


That's what it sounded like..and lOOked like! *aa* I was driving down Howard, lost in Shruti thoughts, and this HUGE green bug just went to heaven right on my windshield. Like I literally saw it flying in happily, and the next moment all it's happy thoughts were splayed out as guts and poop that it ..pooped out b/c it was nervous it was going to die or something! *haha* I know..ew. But it's remains are displayed on my car, for all other insect dudes to pay homage and never come in front of a Shruti-driving-car-in-deep-thought moment. And then after that I didn't even look at the road b/c I was staring at its gooey yellow-green lifelessness a mile long in every direction SHOCKED that I'd just taken an innocent life.

OH! The consequences of being human! *flails* I sort of secretly feel like that bug is me though sometimes..I'm the happy widdle bug, and the MCAT just comes and HITS me..and I go *SPLOTCH*. And then the MCAT goes..*EEEECCCCHHHH* *haha*

Anywho, I apologize to the spirit of this bug that I so viciously mutilated. It was a very dramatic moment in my life I ACTUALLY SAW it ALIVE one nanosecond, and then within the next picosecond it was torn apart like a dying star! I even might have caught it's head flying off all confused at where the rest of the body had ended up (in a million pieces on the windshield wondering where the head was off to).

Ok I'll shut up about this dying moment now. *heh* It was just about the most exciting moment I've come to experience of late.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Saturday, August 04, 2007

*woops* i lied.. *shifty eyes*


I love you dad! You RULE planet earth, along with just about the entire Universe! :D


p.s. it's OFFICIALLY 12:27a.m. of AUGUST 4!!! *yells @ blogger timing*

Thursday, August 02, 2007



My MCAT is only weeks away, so goes. No more blogger, Facebook, or chat until it's done and over with. (I know I know, that one ended w/ a preposition..fortunately it will NOT be tested on the MCAT so I'm in the clear)

Anywho, thanks for all your support. Call me if and only if it's an emergency. Other than that, pray for me.

*loads of amor and extra STP* :*